Is there a Booty Builder training program?

Yes, we have developed our own training APP. Download it for FREE and make your own programs, or you can buy our special programs that are regularly updated.

Download the official Booty Builder App here.

During the extensive product development period of the Booty Builder ®, the machine has been tested on thousands of different people. They all rave about the way it feels and love the results they are seeing!

You can hip thrust several times per week and still recover and get stronger! When you first start training on the Booty Builder® machine we recommend that you start with a lighter load and focus on contracting and using the glutes correctly. Do more reps in the 15-25 rep range, for something like 2-4 sets per workout. Once you can feel the booty building effect, increase loading and allow rep count to drop into the 10-20 rep range. Also remember to add in single leg loading once you master bilateral training (both legs), this improves stability and increases loading even further!