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What are the weight and dimensions of the Booty Builder?

Compact design: The length of the Booty Builder machines is shorter than an Olympic bar, and the width is shorter than a standard training bench.

Booty Builder 7.0

Assemble size: 2127×1187×1858 mm (6,98 x 3,89 x 6,10 feet)
Weights: 160 Kg (352,74 lbs) + rubber bands
Shipping dimensions: 1 pallet = 49″x33″x86″ inches (122x82x218 cm), 1103 lbs (500 kg)
Transportation: Delivered on 1 pallet almost fully assembled

Booty Builder Platinum

Assemble size: 67”x57”x30” inches (1702x1440x776 mm)
Shipping dimensions: 1 pallet = 46″x35″x36″ inches (115x88x90 cm), 508 lbs (230 kg)
Transportation: Delivered in a small wooden box almost fully assembled

What is the Booty Builder?

The Original Booty Builder® is an exercise machine which, in our experience, is the world’s best for gluteal sculpting! It mimics the hip thrust movement, applying load through a belt and pulley system with a pin-selector weight stack.

Why use the original Booty Builder machine?

Because it is the easiest, most effective, time saving and fun way to maximize tension on the glutes and build a tight and sexy booty!

Why is the Booty Builder better than doing a hip thrust with a barbell or any other equipment?

Because it is more comfortable and easier to use on a stable and safe platform, eliminating the hassle of free weight barbells and benches which tend to fall over and potentially injure you.

The Booty Builder ® also provides a maximum range of motion unlike any other machine or free weight currently on the market, which is important for an optimal training effect!

The back rest and pulley system is fully adjustable to fit everyones individual biomechanics and preferences.

How much load is in the weight stack as standard?

The standard is 160 kg (352,74 lbs), this is more than enough for even the strongest lifter, remember that you also lift your bodyweight at the same time. Booty Builder comes with a specially developed system to add axtra load with rubber bands. It is the only machine in the world with this system.

For some people it is actually sufficient load using bodyweight only in the beginning. You can also perform unilateral (one-leg) training which effectively doubles the loading.

Other benefits of the Booty Builder machine

The bench is angled. This prevent the body from sliding backwards and makes it considerably more comfortable than using an ordinary bench with a sharp flat bench edge. This allows you to focus and concentrate on the form of the exercise and lifting the load without the upper back pain or discomfort.

The Booty Builder machine has the largest range of motion for the best muscle activation of the whole posterior chain.

Is there a Booty Builder training program?

Yes, we have developed our own training APP. Download it for FREE and make your own programs, or you can buy our special programs that are regularly updated.

Download the official Booty Builder App here.

During the extensive product development period of the Booty Builder ®, the machine has been tested on thousands of different people. They all rave about the way it feels and love the results they are seeing!

You can hip thrust several times per week and still recover and get stronger! When you first start training on the Booty Builder® machine we recommend that you start with a lighter load and focus on contracting and using the glutes correctly. Do more reps in the 15-25 rep range, for something like 2-4 sets per workout. Once you can feel the booty building effect, increase loading and allow rep count to drop into the 10-20 rep range. Also remember to add in single leg loading once you master bilateral training (both legs), this improves stability and increases loading even further!