Booty Builder 4.5

Hip thrust made easy and fun
New and upgraded belt system
Hassle free use

Compact size, fits in any gym
Safe and comfortable
More weights + rubber bands

Booty Builder 4.5 – 2018 Model

Compact design

The length of the Booty Builder is SHORTER than an Olympic barbell.

The width is SHORTER  than a standard training bench

Less floor space, fits in any gym.


The Best Mini Bands On The Market

Safe, easy & fun

The problem with the Hip-Thrust is the hassle of setting up with free weights and benches, losing balance and/or flipping over the bench or barbell.
The Booty Builder® circumvents all of these issues.

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Hassle free use

Quick and easy use saves time and allows more people to perform the exercise in less time.
It eliminates the need for gym member to occupy benches, barbells, plates and floor space.

Stronger – Faster – Better

Booty Builder

The Official Booty Builder Song

Hands on my booty


The Booty Builder has become an “attraction” at  Around the Clock Fitness. Regardless of price, we have never had a single piece of equipment generate so much interest and satisfaction as the Booty Builder! When you think of a single piece of equipment you do not think it will actually drive membership interest. The Booty Builder has done that! We have already ordered more!

Derik FayOwner/ Around The Clock Fitness propertiesAround The Clock Fitness

Biggest muscle in the human body. Key to athletic performance. Preliminary studies show that it also improves self-confidence and social life… who knows…
What I do know is that the kicked mine in a big way!!!

Gunnar PetersonCelebrity Trainer/ LA Lakers Strength & Conditioning Coach